Exclusive Executive Retreats

Fostering personal and organizational breakthroughs

In our experience, no cookie-cutter solution can be applied to executive retreats. These are a pinnacle of organizational focus and need to be planned and executed with skill to be effective.

Executive retreats are an important investment of your time and resources. A good retreat gives a team clarity around the organization’s objectives and energizes them to take collective action. In contrast, a bad gathering does the opposite – it leaves very bright and motivated executives correctly rolling their eyes about another wasted opportunity.

The first thing we do is make sure the objectives of your retreat are crystal clear. Then we help you design an offsite to meet those objectives while galvanizing your team to take action.

We draw upon our broad experience to help make your retreat meaningful and insightful for the most demanding executives.

For example, your company’s annual strategic planning offsite may be the toughest task you will undertake. It has the potential to be one of the most important meetings of the year. There are certain tasks that should never be relegated to a third party and some where a third party can add great value.

This exploration of the future is universally understood to achieve a better outcome when the process is facilitated by an outsider. However, the decisions must be made by your team, who are responsible for the outcomes and work in the industry day to day.

We are frequently called upon to facilitate executive retreats for clients of all types. Our unique ability to foster personal and group insights has led to our being a mainstay for our retainer client retreats. While team building is seldom the major objective, it invariably becomes one of the greatest benefits.

Our process speaks to a key value in our business, results driven. This value along with rich research and deep knowledge differentiates SSCA from our clients. We would love to assist in helping you create an exclusive retreat that accelerates your growth and profitability. Please get in touch to discuss this in more detail.

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The only thing I wish I had done differently is to take these courses much earlier in my career. The increase in effectiveness, the ability to align people has had an extraordinary impact on myself and the companies I serve.

Bret Morris, President, Healthnet of Arizona