Leadership Process: Superior Followership

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The most successful organizations in today’s climate are those who encourage both bottom-up and top-down leadership. They create cultures where people take responsibility and initiative, where teams and their leaders drive toward the goals. This workshop allows your workforce to take charge of their results.

LPSF“Followership” isn’t a word we hear often in our society. The fact is, whether we’re on the manufacturing line or serving as CEO, we are still likely led by another. So, how can we follow well and with purpose?

Followership is the act of working toward a goal established by someone else.
Superior Followership is using one’s skills to meet the organization’s objectives while intentionally supporting their team and contributing mindfully to the leader.

The Leadership Process: Superior Followership (LPSF) workshop helps you recognize how your role at the company, regardless of where you rank, can have an immediate and profound effect on the environment and the way things get done. In the process, you’ll begin to recognize that followership and leadership are truly intertwined. Get ready to supercharge both!

Who should attend

This results-oriented workshop is for any team hoping to impact positively the organization’s climate by taking the reins of their own power.

In this one-day workshop, you’ll be immersed in a rich learning environment with a limited number of like-minded teammates. It’s quite likely that, no matter how much experience you have in your current role or environment, you haven’t yet viewed your capability through the empowering lens that you are given in this program.

Ideal participants are those whose leader may already have exposure to SSCA’s Leadership Process series.

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How you will benefit

We are all followers of someone. Are there better followers or worse followers? The answer, of course, is yes. By teaching the differentiators of a superior follower, LPSF will guide you toward getting the best out of your leader and your teammates with research-backed, practical guidelines.

Features of the Program

The content of this workshop compliments our LPMA workshop and can be offered in-house either virtually (two 90-minute sessions) or in-person (one 8-hour day).

Please contact us to check pricing and scheduling.

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