Leadership Process: Motivated Explorer

Comprehensive program to empower new leaders

The strongest companies in today’s evolving world are those who invest in their leaders’ development. Strong employees promoted to management often find themselves unequipped to handle the very different demands of their new leadership role. This program helps these new leaders gain confidence in their practices as they begin to apply the new knowledge they gain through these interactive learning sessions.

LPMEThe Motivated Explorer program provides new leaders with an understanding of both the art and science of leadership. SSCA has been leading the way in delivering powerful leadership development workshop programs since the 1970s, making us uniquely equipped to deliver this training.

Participants gain both theoretical knowledge and practical direction in the skills they need to lead confidently in their specific environments. Mastery of these skills happens through an ongoing learning process that enhances leadership effectiveness and the ability to influence and interact with others.

Learning sessions are held virtually at this time. Each session is made up of two same-day 90-minute video conferences, with a 90-minute break in between.

The first group meeting invites a look in the mirror, to focus on your own strengths and challenges. The following month, the group meeting builds on the content from the first session, continuing a focus on self while incorporating how you can lead your team through the session topic. All virtual sessions are very interactive with chat, case studies, polling, breakouts, and video.

Who should attend

This year-long, results-oriented interactive program is designed for entry to mid-level managers and supervisors who want to understand the leadership behaviors to instill that will support senior leadership, deliver performance results, and motivate a healthy team climate.

Ideal participants are those responsible for developing the people and systems that sustain organizational performance, leaders who recognize the key role that their own leadership has in shaping the performance.

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Powerful, Year-Long Learning Process

Over the course of twelve months, participants are immersed in a powerful learning environment with a limited number of like-minded early leaders. Pre-work is assigned for each session. There are assignments between sessions and insightful assessments along the way.

The program is based on a spectrum of in-depth research in the relationship between the science of behavior and organizational performance.

Wide Range of Transformational Courses

Participants will attend the first learning session, SSCA Magic: The Art of Leadership, which introduces a range of research-based models to enrich leadership awareness and competence. This intro session establishes an ongoing learning process toward mastery of leadership skills.

Over the following 11-month period, participants engage in one module per month in which they continue to evolve their knowledge.

  • Managing Change During Uncertainty
  • Does Goal-Setting Make a Difference?
  • Superior Followership
  • Active Listening
  • Effectively Managing Conflict
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Performance Management
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Affecting Relationships
  • Onboarding

Benefits of the Program

  • Especially designed to empower mid-level managers and supervisors who are new to their leadership role.
  • Created by SSCA, a pioneer in powerful leadership development workshops since the 1970’s.
  • Sessions are very interactive with chat, case study, polling, breakouts, and video.
  • Sessions can be held virtually or in-person.
  • Year-long structure allows participants to apply new concepts directly to their roles as they go through the program, building their confidence and their skill in practical application of leadership principles.
  • Designed as an in-house leadership development program, a fast-track to organization-level results as colleagues attend together.
Length of the Program: 12 Months
Cost Per Participant: $3,995*
* minimum of 12 participants
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We offer both in-house and virtual options. Please contact us for more details.

The only thing I wish I had done differently is to take these courses much earlier in my career. The increase in effectiveness, the ability to align people has had an extraordinary impact on myself and the companies I serve.

Brett Morris, President, Healthnet of Arizona