Custom Crafted Workshops

Focused precisely on your organization and your needs

We are often contacted by organizations that need us to help solve a very specific problem. It may be something unique to their industry or marketplace, a merger of two distinctly different cultures, or a need related to company expansion. This often calls for a custom-designed leadership workshop.

For example, the need to manage remote employees is a topic not covered in depth in any of our standard workshops, yet it can be well understood within a short time frame. This kind of issue is an ideal candidate for a customized workshop oriented around your own organization and the specifics of your corporate culture.

We find that most organizational challenges do not respond well to an off-the-shelf answer. In designing custom workshops, we first interview individuals experiencing the presenting problem, then we perform a needs assessment with key stakeholders. We set specific goals with our clients and design a workshop to meet those goals.

Afterwards, we perform follow-up to evaluate the success at addressing the problem we were brought in to solve and the goals we set out to achieve.

If you’d like to explore a customized solution, please get in touch to discuss this need in more detail.

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SSCA has been able to help us develop a common language in terms of how we communicate with each other and hold ourselves accountable for what the outcomes are.

Ron Wanglin, Chair, Bolton & Company