The Business of Shared Leadership

Creating a culture of dispersed power

The world is hurting. People are suffering. As a business leader, maybe you’re not getting the results you want. External pressures, diminishing loyalty, and reduced performance are impacting your bottom line.

BSLWhen their people grow, companies grow. Many believe that to be relevant as a leader, one must lead a “conscious” company. Would you welcome an opportunity to lead differently?

“Leaders have a choice: They can either be agents for releasing and strengthening the voices of others, or they can devote themselves to blunting the human spirit.”

—Kevin Hancock

The Business of Shared Leadership Program pivots leaders from a top-down business model toward a values-based organization, making the betterment of individuals and society their mission. This exclusive, one-of-a-kind program is designed for successful executive leaders who want or need an innovative approach. This program creates a mindset shift, choosing new behaviors to get a different outcome.

Who should attend?

This powerful program is designed for senior leaders with influence. Leaders who aspire to create a people-centered culture that strengthens the voices of others, building up an organization through its values and its people.

How you will benefit

Kevin HancockThe Business of Shared Leadership Workshop blends the profound models from SSCA and the life work of Kevin Hancock, an award-winning author, speaker, and CEO. Kevin is the Chairman and CEO of Hancock Lumber Company, one of the oldest family businesses in America. Nine-time recipient of the Best Places to Work in Maine Award, the company is led by its 710 employees.

Throughout this 3 ½ day program, you’ll gain life-changing insights into leadership through a high-performing corporate model, designed to benefit the bottom-line by empowering people to come out of the shadows and show the world what they can do. You will:

  • Strategize how to implement your ideal culture.
  • Identify what people are saying “yes” to when they work at your company.
  • Learn a new path to building consensus, alignment, and engagement with your teams.
  • Explore ways to drive employee engagement by assuming that great people are everywhere.
  • Uncover how to foster an environment where executive power is dispersed, leaving people encouraged to come to work and wanting to do and be their best.
  • Learn the differences between process (how one communicates) and content (what we communicate), and how to leverage an equal emphasis upon both.
  • Be challenged into a mindset shift that will require hard, personal work.

The workshop takes a multidimensional approach to learning, combining heavily researched models with small/large group discussions, case studies, learning exercises, networking opportunities, business planning, peer-to-peer council, executive coaching, and time with Kevin Hancock.

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The Commitment

  • 3.5 day workshop
  • Intensive pre-work (including outside reading and three virtual pre-meetings before the live session)
  • Continued virtual, cohort learning for six months after the program to support the “real world” implementation of your mission

A distinguishing highlight of SSCA’s Shared Leadership Workshop is the inclusion of in-depth, executive coaching within the learning experience. Three individual sessions (one prior to the program, one during the program, and one after its conclusion). These coaching sessions will focus on the implementation of key learnings within your organization to create value and lasting impact from the Shared Leadership Program experience.

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Focus of Leadership

  • Typical % of Focus
  • Ideal % of Focus
  • Rather than thinking mostly about getting the job done, we’ll ask you to boost your thinking of how the work gets done. The magic is that, with the right balance, higher efficiency and productivity are natural outcomes.

When I internally change, it changes the people beside me, and it manifests to the point and moves beyond me.

Kevin Hancock

This program is presented by SSCA, in close association with Kevin Hancock, CEO, author, and Founder of The Business of Shared Leadership:

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