The Elements of Leadership
Transformational Workshops

The fastest and most efficient way to empower your leadership team. SSCA offers a variety of time-tested workshops.

Custom Designed Workshop Solutions

SSCA can create customized workshop experiences especially designed to fit your unique situation and business objectives.

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Established Programs

SSCA’s innovative series of comprehensive Elements of Leadership multi-day workshops have been transforming leaders and organizations since the first one was launched in 1978.

Custom Solutions

Need something expressly focused on your company? From culture training to exclusive team-building retreats, SSCA supports you with custom-crafted opportunities tailored to your specific needs.

Equipping your leaders for growth

A deep knowledge of the behavioral sciences and over 40 years of experience have enabled SSCA to tailor workshops and coaching sessions that empower the leaders of great organizations to be the best they can be. A variety of assessment tools analyze your culture and individual characteristics. World-class systems are applied to rapidly transform your leaders.

Leadership Process: Motivating Achievement (LPMA)

Increase your ability to create a highly motivated, performance-driven workforce.

Leadership Process: Motivating Dialogue (LPMD)

Teaches you to perceive subtle differences in personality styles to communicate your authentic message more effectively.

Leadership Process: Motivating Change (LPMC)

Introduces the research and proven processes that best facilitate the emotional transitions accompanying any change.

Leadership Process: Superior Followership (LPSF)

Helps you to recognize how your role can have an immediate and profound effect on the environment and the way things get done.

Leadership Process: Motivated Explorer

A powerful year-long program especially designed to empower new leaders to maximize their effectiveness.


SSCA has designed a workshop that allows leaders to create a culture that is focused, aligned, and integrated.

Custom Training

For organizations that want something more specific than what can be provided with traditional off-the-shelf solutions.

Executive Retreats

Exclusive retreats that give your teams clarity around your objectives and energizes them to take collective action.

Designed for results

SSCA has been refining its innovative workshops for more than 40 years, continually improving the content to achieve results. Based on proven principles of behavioral science, leaders are transformed through these programs. Several powerful multi-day programs are available. Check the calendar to discover the next one that meets your schedule.

Proven outcomes for some of America’s best companies

SSCA is proud to help make great organizations even greater. Here are just a few of our valued clients.
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What participants are saying

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Through LPMA we noticed a significant change in people’s behavior. I can personally attest to the impact these programs have had on our company, including a 20-fold increase in share value.

Howard Phanstiel

CEO, Phanstiel Enterprises

We now have better relationships within the executive team, we understand the direction of the company, there’s greater clarity, there’s greater understanding of the goal than there was before our work with SSCA.

John Wanglin

Chair, Bolton & Company

The only thing I wish I had done differently is to take these courses much earlier in my career. The increase in effectiveness, the ability to align people has had an extraordinary impact on myself and the companies I serve.

Bret Morris

President, Healthnet of Arizona

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