Thomas M. Shenk


Thomas M. ShenkThomas Shenk is a partner at Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates. Tom is an accomplished workshop leader, executive coach and facilitator for groups of all types. For thirty years, Tom has been helping clients optimize their “human resource” through skill development, encouragement and candid coaching.

Tom’s work has focused primarily on the practices of one principle: “Are we leaders behaving in a way that is encouraging the best from others?” His reach has included small companies that want to grow quickly to large organization’s embarking upon a major culture change.

Before joining Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates in 1979, Tom spent nine years as a banker at Wells Fargo and European American Bank. At European American, he advanced to the position of Corporate Lending Officer. Tom has also been an adjunct Professor at the University of California Los Angeles, Extension Program, where he taught motivation theory and practice, and has presented at California State Long Beach as a guest lecturer.

To awake the walking dead is just to take people from living on autopilot to living consciously about life.

Thomas M. Shenk, Partner

Tom holds a BA in Political Science and a Masters of Science, both from the University of Southern California. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. His studies in Organizational Development and Organizational Behavior were the impetus for his transition to consulting. He co-authored the book “the truth about Forgiveness” with Ed Andersen, available on Amazon.

Tom was born and raised in Pasadena, California. He is a devoted husband to his wife Kit and father to his two sons, John and Robert. When not working, he spends countless hours supporting his church, The Church Of Our Savior, where he has taught and facilitated classes on subjects ranging from communication to parenting.

Tom is an avid skier, golfer, tennis player, and lest this biography be incomplete, he would prefer to fly fish than do anything.