Stephanie Tran


Stephanie TranStephanie Tran has a strong background in leadership development and is enthusiastic about creating positive organizational change by helping people be and do their best. A Partner with SSCA, she specializes in talent management and development, organizational psychology, and behavioral science.

Prior to SSCA, Stephanie led Human Resources and Organizational Development work in the Insurance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Architecture, and Technology fields. While focusing on practical outcomes, she adds her own personal experience and deep knowledge of human interactions to client engagements. She moves easily between classroom-based facilitation, group work, and one-on-one situations. Stephanie’s work allows people to focus their energies and lead successfully as a result.

Stephanie completed her MS in Psychology with an emphasis on Leadership Coaching. Her undergraduate degree is in Business Administration. Stephanie is certified in multiple business models including communication, leadership, and change management. This extensive knowledge of business and psychology is the foundation for Stephanie’s skilled approach to guiding clients and their companies toward satisfying their objectives. As a consultant, her work covers a wide range of industries and company sizes. She has helped start-ups scale their practices, healthcare organizations manage and achieve goals, marketing firms recruit and hire effectively, manufacturing plants establish efficient processes, and high-tech firms lead effective change.

My life’s work is to rekindle the love and courage that is innate in us humans… and to do this work with moxie.

Stephanie Tran, Partner

The underlying passion for all of this is: helping people. She thoughtfully brings herself to every interaction and works to challenge thinking, disciplines, and actions. Through this process, leaders gain a deeper understanding of themselves and those with whom they interact. Once armed with these personal insights, Stephanie provides leaders with tools for building better relationships with those they lead, their superiors, and their colleagues. As a result, leaders gain new perspective and are more equipped to achieve their goals, ultimately enabling them to be more effective.

Stephanie is married to her junior high school sweetheart and they have two children. She enjoys good books, good movies, and good conversation. She loves to travel and explore other cultures. On her wish list is to make time for tennis, volleyball, and badminton; although yoga is her current go-to activity.