Stephanie Au


Stephanie TranStephanie Au develops leaders. As a Partner at SSCA and a veteran of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Stephanie helps leaders hone their ability to become aware that how they “show up” each day impacts the people around them, and in turn, their business results.

After earning her business degree at Portland State University, Stephanie established Human Resources departments within small companies in the fields of real estate, architecture, and technology. Not long after, she was offered a position as HR Director for a healthcare insurer on the island of Guam, and she jumped at the chance to move there with her young family. Stephanie quickly learned to adapt to the affiliation-culture on Guam, which differed from that of the mainland. She completely changed her methods and practices to get to know employees and gain their trust, as Stephanie never asks those she leads to take on something she isn’t willing to do herself.  In short order, both employee satisfaction and the organization’s profits soared.

In 2018, Stephanie co-designed and executed a leadership foundation program for Nestlé USA that was delivered to all 170 of Nestlé’s top leaders. Shortly after, she began coaching executives on how to integrate these new models, and the leadership culture within Nestlé began to transform. The program was so well-received, Stephanie and her partners have since taught it to more than 2,500 Nestlé USA employees. Stephanie continues to guide Nestlé’s leaders on their strategic and organizational design efforts and has become a trusted advisor to the executives and their teams.

My life’s work is to rekindle the love and courage that is innate in us humans… and to do this work with moxie.

Stephanie Au, Partner

Stephanie completed her MS in Psychology and BS in Business Administration and is currently certified in numerous business models, including human motivation, mastering leadership, appreciative inquiry, communication, and change management. Moving seamlessly between classroom-based facilitation, group work, and one-on-one coaching, Stephanie brings a stellar combination of business experience, behavioral science knowledge, and straight-up moxie to her clients, transforming their communication with staff, their colleagues, and their families.

Outside of her coaching and culture transformation work, Stephanie is many other things. Stephanie has an adventurous spirit and often enjoys traveling and spending time at Disneyland with her two wonderfully different children. Outside of a meeting room, she is happiest on a yoga mat or on the beach with her family and a stack of books.