Shaun Dyke

Managing Partner

Shaun DykeShaun Dyke is the Managing Partner at SSCA. With a deep passion for leadership development, Shaun encourages his clients to see things differently. He has a gift for seeing what’s really at stake in any situation and a knack for hearing even what’s not being said. He actively reminds leaders that they can choose the impact they have on their teams, colleagues, careers, and their own lives. The energy Shaun brings into the room invites others’ energy to meet his, challenging them to be present, open, and accountable. It’s his natural method and it’s what leads to success with his clients.

Self-propelled, Shaun’s real-world knowledge and tenacious work ethic helped him move up the ladder during twenty years at Nestlé USA. There, he garnered broad experience in many areas, from manufacturing and operations to marketing and management, culminating in his last role at Nestlé as Head of Leadership Development. Because of this relationship, when Shaun joined SSCA, he continued to work closely with Nestlé’s leadership team and was tapped to launch a cultural revolution within Nestlé that has dynamically changed the company’s internal working culture. To date, these groundbreaking programs have impacted thousands of Nestlé employees!

We are all word-of-mouth. The reality is our reputation always precedes us, so we better be good at what we’re doing.

Shaun Dyke, Managing Partner

Shaun hails from a tiny town in Idaho. It might surprise those who know him now to learn that he was a shy kid. It was a high school speech class that helped Shaun find his voice. He discovered he was in complete control of how he “showed up” (in this case, as an outgoing, confident student), revealing a core behavioral concept that Shaun regularly encourages in his clients.

After high school, Shaun headed straight to the Navy. Ever the observant student, he began to compare leaders’ styles and found that those who enforced positional power were less effective than those who developed influence. As he watched, some inspired others toward greatness while others claimed greatness (based on rank alone). This observation instilled another fundamental tenet in Shaun’s leadership coaching practice: influence motivates better than force.

Shaun holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business. When he isn’t traversing the country to meet with clients, he prioritizes time with his wife, Kathleen, and children. Whether at work or play, Shaun exudes his values of growth, curiosity, and joy. (Ask him about the skate ramps he built with his son and you will see for yourself!)