Shaun Dyke


Shaun DykeShaun Dyke is a Partner at Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates. His extensive background in developing leaders allows him to understand people, read an audience and actively pursue making the light go on in those he works with. Shaun is driven to create value and incite inspiration. His rhetoric is infused with passion that looks to encourage you to see more, do more and get more.

Prior to joining SSCA Shaun spent 20 years with Nestle USA. His career found him in both the operations and corporate side of the business, enabling him to gain credibility with a diversity of audiences from Marketing to Manufacturing. Shaun’s final role with Nestle was the head of Leadership Development where he developed and deployed strategies to create high performance leaders. Serving as an internal consultant to increase overall business performance of varied leadership and cross-functional teams. He coaches leaders to provide perspective and accountability for professional and personal growth along with extensive experience in program and meeting facilitation.

Shaun holds his Bachelors in Business Management and an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business. His professional development complimented by his academic experience provides a well-rounded perspective of organizational effectiveness. He lives in Palos Verdes with his better half, Kathleen, kids, and a backyard in which he takes great pride.

We are all word-of-mouth. The reality is our reputation always precedes us, so we better be good at what we’re doing.

Shaun Dyke, Partner