Eduardo Atienza


Eduardo AtienzaWith a natural curiosity and a passion for storytelling, the ever-creative Eduardo Atienza excels at exploring new perspectives while inviting others to challenge their boundaries and conventionality.

Eduardo has a drive to better understand others. He is naturally inquisitive and has a gift for inviting others to communicate in ways they didn’t expect. He is thoughtful, intentional, and intuitive. Those natural traits, and a fascination with social and cultural studies, led Eduardo to pursue a Master’s degree in Sociology from Arizona State University. There, his capstone projects included an exploration into the healthcare challenges derived from cultural language barriers and a deep focus on the idea that company culture and climate play a critical role in workers’ behavior and success.

By aligning his entrepreneurial spirit with his skills of helping companies build cultures that are change resilient, Eduardo brings welcomed objectivity and creativity to organizational challenges and problem-solving. Eduardo is certified in The Change Cycle™ model, which he regularly facilitates to clients across a variety of industries, including healthcare, construction, industrial, and financial.

Letting go of fears, biases, and storylines is the only way to make room for courageous discoveries, innovated possibilities, and perpetual growth.

Eduardo Atienza

Eduardo is also a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator (CWMF) and understands that a mindful workplace is not only a key component of employee satisfaction but a clear indicator of psychological and emotional wellbeing, particularly during times of unprecedented change.

He is inclined to innovate, and as a student co-created a for-profit fashion label that raised money and awareness for non-profit leaders within causes close to him. His enthusiasm is truly contagious, especially if you’re willing to “be real” and share a good laugh. You will often find him with a video camera in hand, documenting life’s moments. Above all, Eduardo believes in purpose-driven work. In fact, it’s the only way he can work.