Bradford F. Spencer Ph.D.

Founding Partner

Bradford F. Spencer, Ph.D.Dr. Bradford Spencer is Founding Partner of SSCA. He is recognized as an original and deep thinker in the field of organizational psychology and a leader in the applications of the behavioral sciences industry. Brad is a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives from a wide variety of industries including healthcare, technology, sports, and financial management.

If you ask Brad, what he really considers himself to be is a lifetime student. He will tell you that he often learns more from his clients than they do from him. (And yes, he still charges them!)

Brad received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Hillsdale College in southern Michigan, which (unbeknownst to Brad at the time) was at the forefront of leadership and organizational development. Upon graduation, he altered his plans to attend law school and took a job marketing Hillsdale’s then underutilized Dow Leadership Conference Center. It was there that Brad received his initial introduction to the field of organizational behavior, working with and learning from management legends like Dr. David McClelland and Dr. Rensis Likert. Brad never looked back.

After a stint at Bank of America early in his career, Brad worked his way up to Director of Employee and Organizational Development at Mattel, Inc. where he initiated groundbreaking programs backed by extensive research. Observing that organizations fostered managers not leaders, Brad continued his quest to better understand what it takes to be an exceptional leader and founded (what would later become) Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates in 1978.

En route to founding his own consulting firm, Brad earned an MBA from Pepperdine University, where he met his future business partner Tom Shenk. Brad subsequently earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from International College, where he studied under the tutelage of the renowned Dr. Hedges Capers, whose son later became Brad’s third business partner.

The measure of your life will be the people you impact . . . and how.

Brad Spencer, Founding Partner

In the decades since, Brad has advised thousands of clients in nearly all fields. He has lectured at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Brad has also taught in the UCLA extension program, served as Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Industrial Psychology at California State University, Long Beach, and has served as Director and advisor to numerous boards.

Brad’s most recent project is the completion of his book, Straight Line – The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Results, punctuating his many years coaching senior leaders. Brad continues to offer much wisdom (rooted in science, of course) to his many clients and to his dedicated team. And he still loves a good prank. Ask him to tell you the one about the forklift…

Brad and his wife Connie live in Rolling Hills Estates. They enjoy traveling to Silicon Valley to spend time with their son, daughter-in-law, and their two clever grandchildren, who keep Brad on his toes via FaceTime between visits.