Andrew Deutscher


Andrew DeutscherSSCA Principal Andrew Deutscher has a keen understanding of what it takes for an individual to operate at peak performance and avoid burnout (and it’s not what you think). For the past decade, he has taught cutting-edge strategies for sustained mental and physical energy to thousands of leaders working in high-pressure disciplines, including professional athletics, the United States Air Force, and Fortune 500 companies.

Andrew is driven to achieve and his road to learning about the importance of managing energy is a personal one. As Senior Vice President of Sony Pictures Television, he was a top salesperson distributing major television programs and feature films in domestic syndication. Andrew initially thrived amid the fast pace and glamour of the business, but when he found himself burning the proverbial candle at both ends, his career “thrill” waned. He was traveling nearly 90% of the year and enduring constant pressure to perform at escalating levels within an industry that was rapidly consolidating. In 2009, Sony issued sweeping cutbacks and Andrew was laid off after 16 years in the industry.

Just three months later, his young son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, causing Andrew to pivot his priorities. He called upon strategies learned in an executive training program while at Sony, behaviors that fuel one’s energy and strengthen a sense of purpose. Rekindling his desire to connect with people and have a meaningful impact led him to write his first book, Typecast: Amazing People Overcoming the Chronic Disease of Type 1 Diabetes.

Andrew now knew that the way to maintain personal fulfillment while fueling his professional growth was to engage with clients who had big ideas and big challenges. As Managing Director of Client Development at The Energy Project, he used his gift of public speaking to teach thousands of executives the subtle yet monumental shift from managing time to managing energy. In 2017, he took his coaching to an even bigger audience when he delivered a TEDx talk.

When our skills, talents, and energy intersect to contribute to something larger than ourselves, we’ve reached the pinnacle of success.

Andrew Deutscher

From these complex and powerful experiences, Andrew founded Regenerate, a human capital training and coaching firm designed to help leaders avoid burnout through science-based content and experiences. Concurrently, Andrew continues to address audiences at some of the most progressive and fastest-growing companies in the world, including BASF,  Coca-Cola, Genentech, Nestle, Medtronic, and many others.

Andrew attended Syracuse University, graduating with a dual major in Marketing and Public Relations. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Tara, and two sons whom he likes to challenge to board games and Xbox 2k games. Outside of work, you may find him on a golf course or hooping on a basketball court, where, although he can drain 3s, it appears he will never be able to dunk.