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Over 40 years of leadership development excellence

Transformational leadership support

SSCA has a long history of guiding clients to achieve defined business solutions through a clear process of defining goals, diagnosis of issues facing the organization, and recommending the appropriate resolution plan and action to meet the goals.


Executive Coaching

SSCA consultants have been acting as “Trusted Advisors” to successful individuals for more than four decades.

Leadership Development

Providing support to help guide your organization through a wide variety of typical business challenges.

Culture & Fit

Assisting you in building the most effective leadership team by providing powerful tools for your selection & onboarding processes.


Conscious Leader Model

A full spectrum process to gain conscious awareness of various aspects of organizational influencers.

Leadership Workshops

SSCA’s world-class Elements of Leadership multi-day workshops have provided transformational training since 1978.

Assessment Instruments

We utilize a number of assessment instruments and surveys to help you understand how the concepts we teach relate directly to you.

Conscious Leader Model

The SSCA Conscious Leader Model addresses successful leadership through a full spectrum process to gain conscious awareness of various aspects of organizational influencers from corporate culture to employee motivation and behaviors.

The SSCA Conscious Leader

Lead consciously, lead with awareness, and lead with the understanding of how your style, behaviors, and decisions impact your organization and the people in it. Awareness breeds the power to pave new ground and develop profound change that drives achievement. SSCA builds conscious leaders.

We use a proven process to get there:

Name It: Acknowledgement of what is at the crux of the problem–the true underlying cause. Connect each spoke representing critical components at the heart of organizations that drive behaviors, in order to build and lead teams based on achievement.

  • Communication
  • Change
  • Motivation
  • Work-Climate
  • Culture

Results: Once you have this awareness and an acute understanding of each aspect of your organization, you gain the foresight and tools to develop a team focused around achievement.

Our legacy is excellence. I believe in preparation overkill. If you can’t answer the questions, if you don’t know what people are asking, you’re not prepared.

Brad Spencer, Founder & President

Executive Coaching

Recently the term “executive coaching” has come into vogue. Without calling ourselves “coaches,” we have been providing this type of service for more than 40 years. Over that time, we have become “trusted advisors” (our term for coaches) to individuals who are already successful by any measure.

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We differentiate ourselves in several ways. We strive not to give you the right answers, but rather to ask the right questions. Our clients tell us that it is our ability and willingness to hold up an accurate mirror when others won’t that makes us most valuable to our clients.

Each SSCA partner has deep expertise in the areas of motivation, communication, and change. We combine our research based toolkit with deep individual passion and care to ensure you achieve your leadership potential.

As we coach people, we’re coaching them to be different, to awake the walking dead. That just means we take people from living on autopilot to living their life consciously.

Thomas Shenk, Partner

Leadership Development

Leading a business is complex and challenging, even at the best of times. We are often called in by our clients to help overcome an issue in their organization. There are a number of ways we support you in these assignments.

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We first identify and help clarify the real issue vs. the perceived issue. This means vulnerability is required on both of our parts and the establishment of a Trusted Advisor relationship – our standard of excellence.


Once we have understood the real issue at hand, we then assess the best approach and solution for the issue. Then we discover and define the right chemistry between your coach and those being coached.

Clearly defined outcomes

One element that differentiates SSCA from others is we clearly define what the real outcomes of the work are supposed to be – from minimizing your pain, to getting promoted, to improving company culture in order to achieve your goals.

Meeting your coach

You will be introduced to your coach and clearly define what help is added and exactly how it is to be delivered; one-to-one meetings, phone calls, etc.

What SSCA does best is to get people out of their head and connecting their heart. That’s where life occurs. That’s where leadership occurs. We’re taught in business to get into the head but then you aren’t living, you aren’t breathing, you aren’t experiencing the joy of leading people.

Susan Peirce, Partner

Executive Placement Screening

Management guru Peter Drucker stated in no uncertain terms, “The most important job a manager or an executive has is selection. You hire your heroes and you hire your bums.” Our clients rely on our selection process, including psychological profiling, to increase the probability that they will make great candidate hiring decisions.

For most companies, the executive placement screening process ends once a candidate has been hired. We take a different approach. We give you the tools to use the selection process as the beginning of new hire orientation. Further, our process will decrease the lag-time to optimal productivity.

When we see a candidate, we assume he or she has been pre-screened for their ability to perform the tasks required of that position. We specialize in understanding what drives a particular candidate. The goal is to predict how successful they will be compared to other competent individuals in the role (and in your unique organization). Our profiling expertise provides you with deep insights on each potential new employee.

I think in our line of work, we cannot be successful unless you show us the barbed wire and the bruises and the burns. I mean that’s the stuff that allows us to then optimize.

Shaun Dyke, Partner

Assessment Instruments

We offer a number of assessment tools and surveys to help you understand how the innovative SSCA concepts relate directly to you. All instruments are extensively researched and normed for accuracy. Each is designed to provide you with greater insight and understanding of your unique characteristics and behavior and improve your leadership and communication abilities.

Motivating Achievement Instruments

Leadership Behavior Inventory (LBI):
Provides assessment of managerial style.

Organization Climate Assessment (OCA):
Provides assessment of organizational climate. Read more and order here.

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT):
Determines individual motive profile.

Motivating Dialogue Instruments

Kahler Type Inventory (KTI):
Provides a breakdown of personality characteristics and communication processes.

Assessment Instruments for Fit

Provides assessment of preferred approaches to leader issues.

Myers-Briggs (Form Q):
Provides insight into type and temperament with an emphasis on communication patterns.

Provides a look at key needs as they relate to interpersonal dynamics.

I think if we had a brand, it would be leadership made simple, leading change made simple, how to communicate with the world made simple. We just seem to have a magic.

Thomas Shenk, Partner

Leadership Workshops

SSCA workshops are not your average executive training courses. Fast paced, relevant, insightful and based on highly regarded research, our workshops will give you the concrete tools to be a more effective leader. Our deep knowledge of the behavioral sciences and over forty years of experience allow us to tailor our workshops and coaching sessions to meet your needs. We use a number of assessment instruments to analyze organizational culture and individual characteristics.

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Leadership Process: Motivating Achievement (LPMA)

Increase your ability to create a highly motivated, performance-driven workforce. Learn More

Leadership Process: Motivating Dialogue (LPMD)

Teaches you to perceive subtle differences in individual personality types to communicate your authentic message more effectively. Learn More

Leadership Process: Motivating Change (LPMC)

LPMC introduces the research and proven processes that best facilitate the emotional transitions accompanying any change. Learn More


SSCA has designed a workshop that allows leaders to create a culture that is focused, aligned, and integrated. Learn More

Custom Training

For organizations that want something more specific than what can be provided with traditional off-the-shelf solutions. Learn More

Executive Retreats

Exclusive retreats that give your teams clarity around your organization’s objectives and energizes them to take collective action. Learn More

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