Your Operations Team

LeAnn King



After working in law, finance, and tech, LeAnn did what she always does: she asked, “What’s next?” This habit of tackling anything and everything is how she came to be known at SSCA as “GSD” (Get Stuff Done). With a specialty in the strategic development of operations, LeAnn takes great pride in this reputation for figuring things out and making them happen.

Responsible for the strategy and coordination of the overall operations at SSCA, LeAnn ensures that each aspect of operations complements the others while achieving a standard of excellence. It is her goal that SSCA’s footprint strengthens its reputation wherever it appears. This work and the people with whom she gets to do it bring her great joy. Who cares if that sounds nerdy?

LeAnn got herself to and put herself through UC Berkeley and UCLA, where she studied Political Science and narrowly escaped a career in law. Outside the office, LeAnn enjoys time with her person, Don, and her family. She can’t walk past anything furry without trying to pet it. She practices both ballet and softball (2022 champs!), maintains a Diamond League status in Word Hero, and is psychologically allergic to two things: mayo and all things Apple™.

Erin Velaer



As SSCA’s Client Experience Manager, Erin stands in the shoes of our clients, paying careful attention to their needs, encounters, and overall journey through their work with SSCA. She exudes a genuine sincerity when working with clients and strives to create a seamless workshop experience from start to finish, including logistics, space planning, materials, and assessment delivery. Erin strives to maintain customer intimacy and is always searching for ways to say “yes.”

Prior to her role at SSCA, Erin worked for years as the Director of Operations for a multi-state Dermatology practice and was consistently developing ways to address client and employee needs while ensuring solutions worked within the needs of the company.

Erin has a BA in Communication Studies from Loyola Marymount University, and an MS in Management and Leadership from Pepperdine University. Relationships matter most to Erin, and you will often find her in authentic, passionate, and playful conversation with others. She revels in baking, cooking, and especially in hosting others—life is sweetest when it’s shared with others. She is refueled by a swim in the ocean or dip in the lake. Erin has a giant Scrabble board hanging in her office and always keeps a rousing game going. Fundamentally, she hopes to never let her curiosity wane.

Lisa Lowell



Lisa Lowell brings curiosity and uncommon courage to her role as Project Manager at SSCA. That translates to saying an energetic “yes” to a wide variety of undertakings, including new business development, operational details, financial management, marketing projects, and even helping to coordinate a major office move.

Lisa’s broad skillset hails from a rich background of multi-disciplinary experience that includes advertising agencies, small business ownership, service as a board member of a non-profit organization, and a stint as an Associate Producer and on-air host of a cable television show. With a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon, Lisa is also SSCA’s picky (in a good way) editor with an insightful eye for detail.

Lisa maintains a curious candor and relevant energy that results in moving the needle, yet she strives to preserve relationships. She is a trusted ally to those who know her. Lisa lives in Long Beach with her family and is a rare Southern California native whose favorite thing is to explore a city on foot.

Kristina Duran



Kristina is the Executive Assistant at SSCA, where her mastery of juggling details and priorities is constantly tested as she maintains the busy scheduling for consultants. She has a fearlessness that is needed, coupled with a sense of humor that is appreciated, to wield the perfect blend of effectiveness and influence.

Before joining SSCA in 2021, Kristina served in executive support roles in a slew of industries from higher education to electronics manufacturing, and she found a purpose in helping leaders bring order to their professional lives. Cleaning up brings her joy, so she views any mess as a blank canvas and a welcome challenge.

Originally from Framingham, Massachusetts, Kristina moved to California in 2004, where she lives in Long Beach with her family and two dogs (and she likes the dogs better than almost anyone else).

Though she received her degrees in Creative Writing and English, she’d like to live in a world where bios write themselves and commas are used conservatively, though she’ll settle for just the commas.

Outside of the office, Kristina is a chauffeur to her 13-year-old daughter. Kristina enjoys hiking, binge-watching true crime shows, and can never say no to a good book.