Speaking of Pandemics …

The antidote is to recognize and name your struggle. Then, if possible, find a way to share it – not as a victim looking to be pitied, but rather a…

Who is your competitor?

As a culture, we are socialized to be individualists. One is rewarded for outperforming others. This can send mixed messages to a group of individuals struggling to work together as…

Soar With the Eagles

Consider your impact on those who've come into the company after you, perhaps even reporting to you. What can you do to nurture their growth and success?

The Challenge of Shared Values

A set of shared values within a company is the link between long-term profitability and viability. How well aligned is your company?

The Values Quandary

High performance individuals are rare. It is worth finding ways to keep them. But what can a leader do if a high performer's behavior is not aligned with company standards?

Meetings: Oases or Sand Traps?

There is a reliable "best method" for virtually all processes, especially the dreaded business meeting. Here are the three important points to hit for ideal meetings.

Bears in Camp

There are some basic rules for dealing with bears – in the wilderness and in organizations. One of the truths about dealing with these creatures is that they do not…

Escalating the Conflict

By definition, “in conflict” is a feeling state in which one feels anxious parentheses a combination of fear or anger parentheses. When the state lingers, the situation worsens and the…

The Stuff of Heroes

What is it that makes one a “hero?” A love for life and learning, combined with the stubbornness not to let any situation where them down.

Refuse to Accept a New Normal

Our current reality does not have to mean a new normal.