SSCA Gift Certificates

Give the gift of professional coaching

Give the best gift of all. The gift of success.

The most impactful gift you can give is to help someone discover their true potential, empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams. An SSCA gift certificate provides our transformational behavioral consulting services, helping your chosen someone develop in ways they’ve never before considered.

Choose from three different gift amount options. There’s a $500 Assessment and Debrief, or a $2,500 half-day coaching session, or a comprehensive $5,000 full-day of coaching and consultation. The consulting days may be split over multiple sessions.

We provide you with a visually stunning gift certificate voucher that you can print out to present in person or send to your lucky recipient by email.

How it works:
Your certificate value is placed as a credit on the gift recipient’s SSCA account. We then apply the cost of our services against that credit. The voucher has no value apart from the account credit, but is a formality that you can use to suitably impress the recipient of your gift with your generosity and awesomeness.

How to give the gift of success

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