Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we hear most often

General Questions

Common questions about our services, scope of work, certifications, and more.
What exactly is an assessment instrument and how do I take one? How are they used?
SSCA uses a variety of surveys and tools to evaluate your motivations, needs, and psychological drivers. Rooted in science, our assessments are used in coordination with our consulting and coaching services, and are also an integral part of our candidate selection process for clients.
I see you do Executive Screening. Is that employee recruitment?
We are not an employee recruitment company. We help our clients carefully screen candidates to find those in line with their company’s mission and needs, leading to a higher chance of success for all.
Do you offer certifications in your processes/methods?
If you have attended one of our workshops and would like to implement what you learned into your own business, we have a process for that. Please contact us here for more details.
Our company is undergoing a major transition and there is a lot of uncertainty among employees. Can your team help walk through these changes to improve both morale and productivity?
Whether your company is about to launch a major change or is already in the midst of a transition, we have targeted coaching and training programs available to help you and your employees adapt to a new normal.
I was referred to one of your coaches by a colleague. How do I get in touch directly with that consultant?
Please reach out to us using the Contact Us form and we will connect you with any of our consultants.
Do your consultants work internationally?
Yes. SSCA has numerous international clients and we will happily consider more!
What do you charge for your services?
All of our services are completely customized. We offer monthly retainer, per diem, and project-based services depending upon client needs.

Workshop Questions

Frequently asked questions about our workshops and events.
Can I schedule one of your workshops for my team on-site at our offices?
Yes! We have a host of workshops to address business climate, culture, communication, motivation, and change. We’re happy to customize one to meet your needs.
Do you conduct Team Building events?
We do! SSCA offers a variety leadership “simulations” and team building exercises across many industries, customized to your group’s needs (goal setting, followership, communication, change, and more).
I would like to register for one of your 3-day workshops. Which one do you recommend for “beginners?” Should they be taken in a particular sequence?
Our workshops are not designed to be taken in any particular order. The decision to take one workshop vs. another depends upon your goals and/or challenges. Motivating Achievement emphasizes leadership and goal setting (for example); whereas Motivating Dialogue takes a deep dive into improving communication. Both programs challenge participants to “hold a mirror up” to see themselves in order to facilitate change.