The Perils of Life’s Continuous Improvement Process

You are only on the path toward Continuous Improvement if you can enjoy victories along the way.

Life through a 40 Foot Straw: 7 Reflections

Living life with a narrow focus can cause pain inside and outside the office. Broaden your vision and your enjoyment.

Brad’s Ever-Evolving List of Recommended Books

Recommended reading by Dr. Brad Spencer, renowned Leadership and Behavioral Consultant.

5 Mistakes Leaders Make & 5 Solutions

Conscious leadership is being aware of the impact you have and selecting behaviors to get the results you need.

Post-Mortems: Are you sure you want to engage? Can you afford not to?

Active and candid feedback systems are crucial to high performance, and people learn to take responsibility for outcomes.

Wisdom in Action

Take responsibility and measure achievement. Hold the mirror up to yourself and your company and address the challenges that appear.