Case Study: Restructuring Leadership

Creating a common language in an invigorated culture
Restructuring the leadership team with the goal to become a high-performance organization has paid off. The team is now working towards the goal of doubling shareholder value every five years.


  • INDUSTRY:Records Management
  • DATE:2015

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Focus with metrics for responsiveness

The new head of a multi-billion-dollar records management company was facing flat sales performance and an ever-tightening marketplace. The stock was stuck in neutral. He did not know or have confidence in the inherited leadership team.

SSCA was asked to conduct executive assessments of the leadership of the organization. Using a battery of assessment tools, profiles of strengths and opportunities for development were created for each executive. A number of new executives were brought in and the team-building necessary to become a high performance organization was undertaken.

The group is now working toward the goal of doubling the shareholder value each five years compounded.

Numerous processes have changed, but worthy of mention at a high level is the creation of a common language in a newly established culture; designed to ensure focus with metrics to guarantee the “critical few” issues get the correct and timely attention.

SSCA maintains a coaching capacity with the leaders of the company today.

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