Case Study: Healthcare Turnaround

The power of aligning strategy and culture
A major healthcare organization needed help rebuilding the company value. Through clarification of strategy and improvements in the corporate culture, share value grew by more than 700% in less than three years.


  • INDUSTRY:Healthcare
  • DATE:2015

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Share value growth from $11 to $72

The CEO of a major healthcare organization, someone familiar with our approaches, called us in to help rejuvenate his struggling company. As an ex-client, he knew the kind of results we were capable of achieving and was looking to repeat the work we had undertaken with great success.

The company’s stock had fallen from a high of over $100 to a low of $11.

Our team began by helping our client re-work and clarify their strategy. Then we created and helped implement the steps needed to accomplish the heavy lifting of changing the corporate culture. This was essential to the turnaround.

In the first two years, we trained and coached approximately 350 of their executives and managers. 18 months into the project, the very pleased Board of Directors split the stock at $32. 30 months into the project, the company was purchased for $72 per share.

It is one of the storied turnarounds in the healthcare industry. Many of the processes SSCA established have been adopted by the new parent company.

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