The Values Quandary

High performance individuals are rare. It is worth finding ways to keep them. But what can a leader do if a high performer's behavior is not aligned with company standards?

The Stuff of Heroes

What is it that makes one a “hero?” A love for life and learning, combined with the stubbornness not to let any situation where them down.

Refuse to Accept a New Normal

Our current reality does not have to mean a new normal.

Pain Denial Syndrome (PDS)

One of the best kept dirty little secrets is that C-Suite executives aren’t exempt from pain and suffering.

Looking for Ivity

Are you getting meaningful outcomes? Don’t mistake activity with productivity.

Another Frustrating Principle: Empowerment

You can’t empower people; they must empower themselves. Reward them for making decisions and taking risks, their work will be more satisfying.

Reflections on Doubt

Modeling authentic behavior rather than perfection forms the basis for successful organizations.

Life through a 40 Foot Straw

Living life with a narrow focus can cause pain inside and outside the office. Broaden your vision and your enjoyment.

Brad’s Favorite Books

Recommended reading by Dr. Brad Spencer, renowned Leadership and Behavioral Consultant.

The Leadership Chain: McClelland and his Legacy

The key to overcoming today’s challenges is to create a motivated and high performing workforce. A timeless premise by Dr. David McClelland.