Our clients frequently ask us for reading recommendations. For years our response has been, “What area are you interested in?” We think this may still be the best approach to narrow your list, but at you urging we have listed many of the books that have contributed to how we think about our field.

The first part of this list has been hand picked by Brad Spencer. They include many of the classic works in the fields of business and psychology. Some may seem dated but because of the research, basic nature of the content or the fact that it was groundbreaking at the time, it has been elevated to the top of this list.

Book Topics:
Attribution Theory | Behavior Modification | Communication | Competence Assessment | Leadership | Management | Marketing | Motivation | Organizational Development | Other | Personal Development | Programmed Instructions | Strategy | Stress | Team Building

Brad’s Favorites
A Force for Change Kotter, John P.
Authentic Leadership George, Bill
Born To Win Jongeward, Dorothy
Built to Last Collins, James C.
Changing Minds Gardner, Howard
Competitive Advantage Porter, Michael E.
Competitive Strategy Porter, Michael E.
Competing for the Future Prahalad, Hamel
Conceptual Selling Miller, Robert B.
Corporate Culture and Performance Kotter, John P.
Crossing the Chasm Moore, Geoffrey A.
Danger in the Comfort Zone Bardwick, Judith M.
Dream Power Faraday, Ann
Eat the Rich O’Rourke, P.J.
Every Employee, A Manager Myers, Scott
Execution Bassidy, Larry
Executive Levinson, Harry
First Things First Covey, Stephen R.
Flawless Consulting Block, Peter
Freakonomics Levitt, Steven D.
Free to Choose Friedman, Milton
Gestalt Therapy Verbatim Peris, Fritz
Getting To Yes Fisher, Roger
Gifts Differing Briggs-Meyers, Isabel
Good to Great Collins, Jim
Hello Sigmund, This is Eric H., Louis
Human Motivation McClelland, David C
In Search of Excellence Peterson, Thomas
Inside the Tornado Moore, Geoffrey A.
Leadership and Self Deception A.B. Ringer Institute
Living on the Fault Line Moore, Geoffrey A.
Management by Motivation Gellerman, Saul W.
Management, Tasks, Responsibilities, and Practices Drucker, Peter F.
Managing The Professional Service Firm Maister, David H.
Management Cases Drucker, Peter F.
Man’s Search for Meaning Frankl, Victor E.
Mastering Your Inner Game Kauss, David
Matsushita Leadership Kotter, John P.
Money Ball Lewis, Michael
Motivating Economic Achievement McClelland, David C
Motivation and Achievement Atkinson & Raynor
Motivation and Personality Maslow, Abraham H.
Motivation Through the Work Itself Ford, R.F.
Motivational Trends in Society McClelland, David C
Motives in Fantasy, Action, and Society Atkinson, John W.
Motives, Personality, and Society McClelland, David C
New Ways of Managing Conflict Likert, Renis
Obedience to Authority Milgram, Stanley
On Becoming a Leader Bennis, Warren
Please Understand Me Keirsey, David
Portfolio Life Corbelt, David
Power and Influence Kotter, John P.
Principle Centered Leadership Covey, Stephen R.
Psycho-Cybernetics Maltz, Maxwell
Purpose Driven Organization Pascarella, Perry
Quality is Free Crosby, Phillip
Reengineering the Corporation Hammer, Michael
Riding The Wave Merron, Keith
Self-Renewal Gardner, John C.
Strategic Selling Miller, Robert B.
Stumbling on Happiness Gilbert, Daniel
SYMLOG Bales, Robert F.
Team Work Larson, Carl E.
The Achievement Motive McClelland, David C
The Achieving Society McClelland, David C
The Artist’s Way Cameron, Julie
The Artist’s Way at Work Bryan, Mark
The Competent Manager Boyatiz, Richard A.
The Competitive Advantage of Nations Porter, Michael E.
The Effective Executive Drucker, Peter F.
The Enneagram Palmer, Helen
The Heart Of Change Kotter, John P.
The Human Side of Enterprises McGregor, Douglas
The Human Side of Management Odirne, George
The Lessons of History Durant, William James
The Mastery Of Management Kahler, Talibi
The Prince Machiovelli, Niccalo
The Temporary Society Bennis, Warren
The Three Boxes of Life Bolles
The Tipping Point Gladwell, Malcom
The Trusted Advisor Master, David
The Wealth and Poverty of Nations Landers, David S.
Transactional Analysis Revisited Kahler, Talibi
Transformations : Growth and Change in Adult Life Gould, Roger L.
Type Talk at Work Kroeger, Otto
Up is Not the Only Way Kaye, Beverly L.
What Color is your Parachute Boles, Richard
Why Am I Afraid To Tell You Who I Really Am? Powell, John
With Respect to the Japanese – A Guide for Americans Condon, John C.
Beyond the Quick Fix Kilmann, Ralph H.
Becoming a Leader Bennis, Warren
Leadership Challenge Kouzes, James M.
Gods of Management Handy, Charles
Management, A Book of Reading Koontz and O’Donnell
New Patterns in Management Likert, Renis
One Minute Manager Blanchard, Kenneth
Planning and Control Systems: A Framework for Analysis Anthony, Robert N.
The Managerial Grid III: The Key to Leadership Excellence Blake, Robert R.
Motivation and Productivity Gellerman, Saul W.
Toward a Psychology of Being Maslow, Abraham H.
Work and the Nature of Man Herzberg, Frederick
Behavior in Organizations Porter, L.W.
Integrating the Individual and the Organizations Argyris, Chris
Interpersonal Behavior Athos, Anthony G.
Interpersonal Confidence and Organizational Effectiveness Argyris, Chris
Organizational Development: Strategies and Models Beckard, R.
Managerial Finance Brigham Weston
Non-Parametric Statistics McGraw-Hill

Attribution Theory top
A Manager’s Guide to Operations Research Ackoff, Rivett
A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance Festinger, Leon

Behavior Modification top
Assessing Human Motivation McClelland, David C

Communication top
Everybody Wins: Transactional Analysis Applied to Organizations Jongeward, Dorothy

Competence Assessment top
Humanistic Psychotherapy Ellis, Albert
Life Types Hirsh, Sandra

Leadership top
Principles of Group Treatment Berne, Eric
Reality Therapy Glasser, William

Management top
The Inner Game of Tennis Gallwey, Timothy W.
The Seasons of a Man’s Life Levinson, Daniel J.
Analyzing Performance Problems Mager, Robert F.
Preparing Instructional Objectives Mager, Robert F.
Parent Effectiveness Training Gordon, Thomas
Self-Directed Work Teams Orsburn, Jack
10,000 Dreams Interpreted Miller

Marketing top
301 Great Management Ideas Noble, Sara P.

Motivation top
6th Edition Research Methods in Social Relations Judd, Charles
A Dictionary of Psychology Drever, James
A Handbook of Group Verbal Exercises Morris, Kenneth T.
A Handbook of Non-verbal Group Exercises Morris, Kenneth T.
A Passion for Excellence Peters, Tom

Organizational Development
A Psychiatry Glossary (5th Edition) Little & Brown
A Whole New Mind Pink, Daniel H.
A World Waiting to be Born Peek, M. Scott
Affirmative Action for Women Jongeward, Dorothy
American Renaissance Cetron, Marvin
Anxiety Barlow, David H.

Other top
Anxiety Disorders and Phobias Beck, Aaron T.
Artist PA Jobbet Bryan, Mark
Assertiveness at Work Prentice Hall

Personal Development top
Attaining Manufacturing Excellence Hall, Robert
Basic Psychopathology: A Programmed Text Johnson, C. Warner
Behind the One Way Mirror Madanes, Cloe
Best of Chief Executive Donlin, J.P.
Best Practices Anderson, Arthur
Beware the Naked Man Who Gives You His Shirt Mackay, Harvey
Beyond Ambition Kaplan, Robert S
Beyond Balance Krotler, Jeffrey
Big Mac Boss, Max

Programmed Instructions top
Break Through Thinking Nadler, Gerald
Breaking Free Noer, David

Strategy top
Briefer Course James, Wiliam

Stress top
Can You Believe Your Eyes? Block, J. Richard

Team Building top
Change-Able Organization Daniels, William R.
Choices Helmstetter, Shad
Coaching for Employment Kinlaw, Dennis