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One of the most important things in communication is to hear what isn't being said.

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Fast paced, relevant, insightful and based on highly regarded research, our workshops will give you the concrete tools to be a more effective leader.

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SSCA (also known as Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates, Inc.) is a behavioral science consulting firm whose core business is to increase personal and organizational productivity by developing leadership excellence. Our expertise in both behavioral science and business management assists organizations and their leaders through consulting, coaching and training. We help our clients address the critical "people" issues that powerfully influence success or failure. Our services include Executive Coaching, Executive Screening, Leadership Development, Conscious Leadership Training, Executive Workshops and more.

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Case Study: Aligning strategy and Culture

A newly hired CEO of a major healthcare organization called us in to help rejuvenate his struggling company. An ex-client, he was familiar with our approaches and was looking to repeat the work we had undertaken with great success....

Case Study: Motivating Change

The North American SVP of Marketing for a Japanese electronics company recognized the volatile dynamics of their products' market place. Though he identified a new strategy to maintain market leadership, he was frustrated by the difficulty of implementing the change....

Case Study: Senior Team Needs Alignment

The new head of a multi-billion-dollar records management company was facing flat sales performance and an ever-tightening marketplace. The stock was stuck in neutral. He did not know or have confidence in the inherited leadership team....