:: For more information, please review this page.

bullet_1 Consultations are by appointment only.

bullet_2 Appointments can be scheduled as soon as Friday, September 18th
(one day after the webinar).
bullet_1 Appointment hours are: 8am-12pm PDT.

bullet_1 Appointments are scheduled in 20 minute increments. Please be respectful of the time.

bullet_1 Please be sure to send your completed worksheet via email or fax in advance of your appointment.

bullet_1 Please be prepared for the appointment with your questions ready and completed worksheet in front of you.

Only 40 spots are available. Spots are limited and based on a first come first serve basis.


:: How to book an appointment:

bullet_1 Email or fax your appointment time request ALONG with your completed worksheet.
bullet_1 Indicate the requested appointment time clearly on the top of your email or fax.
bullet_1 You will be notified ONLY if that time slot is taken.
Please include your name, contact number, and requested appointment time clearly on the top of the completed worksheet for an SSCA behavioral consultant to contact you at your scheduled appointment time.

For additional assistance, please call (310) 515-7555.