about ssca

The SSCA Conscious Leader ModelTM addresses successful leadership through a full spectrum process to gain conscious awareness of various aspects of organizational influencers from corporate culture to employee motivation and behaviors.

Lead consciously, lead with awareness, and lead with the understanding of how your style, behaviors, and decisions impact your organization and the people in it. Awareness breeds the power to pave new ground and develop profound change that drives achievement. SSCA builds conscious leaders.


Our model shares our process to get there:

Face the Issue: Acknowledgement of what is at the crux of the problem--the true underlying cause.

Connect each spoke representing critical components at the heart of organizations that drive behaviors in order to build and lead teams based on achievement.

1. Communication
2. Change
3. Motivation
4. Work-Climate
5. Culture

Results: Once you have this awareness and acute understanding of each aspect of the organization, you gain the foresight and tools to develop an organization focused around achievement.