about ssca

There are a number of individuals who have had a material impact on the approaches and models we have based our work upon. Though it is tough to summarize their contributions in a sentence or two, we feel strongly this site would be incomplete without an acknowledgement of their mentorship and assistance in our growth as a firm.

Dr. David McLelland
As Chairman of the School of Social Psychology at Harvard University, his contributions to our understanding of Motives and their resulting impact on behavior patterns is the foundation for the LPMA workshop. He was a mentor to Brad Spencer.

Dr. Hedges Capers Sr.
Dr. Capers is the link to the highly potent communications model we now refer to as PCM. His unconditional caring has made a difference in our lives.

Dr. Taibi Kahler
Creator of the Process Communication Model and brilliant therapist, Dr. Kahler's research has enabled individuals to become more effective communicators in both their personal and professional lives. He has honored our firm by establishing a strategic partnership unique to both of our worlds.

Dr. Leonard Korot
Dr. Korot's deep insights and penetrating way of holding us to higher standards has been an inspiration and way of being in our consulting approaches. He was the person who introduced us to: B = P x E.

Dr. Phil Myers
Dr. Myers was the first to introduce Strategy as a major pursuit of the firm. It was Phil who created a passion to pursue this major area of our practice. His "10 Question Model" has been the basis of many of the successful corporate strategies we have been privileged to help architect.