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Spencer/Shenk/Capers & Associates, Inc. is a behavioral science consulting firm whose core business is to increase personal and organizational productivity by developing leadership excellence. Our expertise in both behavioral science and business management assists organizations and their leaders through consulting, coaching and training. We help our clients address the critical "people" issues that powerfully influence success or failure.

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    Our Business

    Dynamic and successful business practices are driven from reliable processes and consistency in approach.
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    The SSCA Conscious Leader ModelTM addressess successful leadership through a full spectrum process.
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    Cultivated from over thirty years of experience in behavioral science, our workshops are expertly designed to meet the comprehensive needs of our clients. Read more

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    Our vital collection of reference materials ensure the most
    advanced, scientifically proven techniques and methods are being implemented in our programs.

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A New Spencer, Shenk, Capers Leadership Opportunity!

Become a LPMD/PCM Mentor and Coach Within and Even Outside Your Organization!

Let Us Hear From You on Your Interest In Attending!

SSCA is pleased to offer in conjunction with Kahler Communications two advanced workshops involving the LPMD/PCM model. Attendance at the LPMD (formerly PCM) is a prerequisite. These are for individuals and organizations who want more depth and insight into the model and have a desire to improve their skills in day to day applications.


First, we are very proud to offer this 3 day advanced course for managers and executives who desire to become more proficient in the model and to be licensed to administer and debrief the KTI for individuals in their companies.

The course consists of pre-reading along with an intensive 3 day workshop conducted by a PCM Master Certified Trainer and three follow up sessions by phone in preparation for the debrief of the KTI instruments.

We are told by executives who have mastered this process that simply being more impactful with one key employee as a result returned the investment immediately.


This second offering builds on the first with one additional day of certification and additional follow up coaching to the Mentoring Workshop with a Master Certified Trainer. The incremental skills developed focus on recognizing and responding appropriately to an individual in distress. The major benefit of the ‘COACHING’ CERTIFICATION is that you will be able to administer and debrief the instrument with individuals who do not work within your organization. This is especially targeted towards consultants who want to employ the KTI in their practices. This will allow you to purchase the KTI at a discounted fee and re-sell it to your clients. With this comes a “Coaching Certificate” to allow you to differentiate your practice. The return on investment is expected to come through more powerful interactions with clients and a tool unavailable to most in presenting your practice.

The COACHING CERTIFICATION can be added at a later date if desired.


The fee for the Mentoring Workshop is $3,875.

The fee for the COACHING CERTIFICATION is an additional $2075 for a total price including the Mentoring Workshop of $5950.

Applications are now being accepted. This is done not through online registration but by contacting Dr. Bradford Spencer at bspencer@ssca.com or by phone at (310) 515-7555. He will discuss with you the details of this very rigorous training and its requirements.

While we do not currently have another MENTORING CERTIFICATION workshop scheduled in 2016, once we hear from you and others on interest to attend, we will schedule another when we reach a critical mass of interest. The program is limited to 10 participants so apply soon.

The COACHING CERTIFICATION workshop will be scheduled as demand permits and is limited to 8 participants.





Desktop Coach - Inner Work

It is probably an overstatement, but I have seldom met a person over 50 years old who was void of a spiritual life and could still claim personal fulfillment and happiness. Maybe a better way of saying this is, “Our frequent failure as leaders to deal with our inner lives leaves too many of us and of our institutions in the dark.” (Thank you Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak [link: http://www.amazon.com/Let-Your-Life-Speak-Listening/dp/0787947350]).

Through the wisdom of Parker Palmer, we must ask ourselves: Do we value “inner-work”, the emotional and/or spiritual effort we make to become more aware of our personal needs? We at Spencer Shenk Capers see examples day after day of people behaving in ways that are counter-productive to themselves, their goals, and their organizations. We don’t need to list the ways. People get in trouble because their “shadow side” shows up, resulting in ineffective, detrimental behavior.


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"Inner Work"
by Tom Shenk